Core areas of focus:

  • Developing confidence in effective verbal communication (for both Business and General English)- working with individuals closely in order to assess their key areas of improvement. Providing a tailor made approach to students needs in order to enhance their abilities in both verbal and written communication.

  • Presentation skills development- assisting with encouraging confidence in developing effective skills in order to strengthen and enhance the ability to deliver effective presentations.

  • Effective interviewing techniques (both for candidates and businesses)- drawing from 7 years of experience working as a headhunter and recruitment executive specialising in recruiting individuals into major corporations both within the U.K. and E.U. I can provide assistance with coaching and preparing individuals to provide comprehensive answers to interview questions in both academic and professional environments. For businesses, I can provide assistance and coaching to allow to ensure you are asking the right questions in order to discover the core qualities of your candidates and to allow you to make a more informed decision within your hiring process.

  • Confidence and effective delivery in public speaking- providing coaching aimed at building confidence and breaking down personal barriers to enhance each individuals public speaking skills.

  • Diplomatic language and negotiation - teaching individuals and businesses how to use diplomatic language in order to reach a 'common ground' and reach mutual agreements with customers and clients.

Additional information

For further information about native speakers, please do not hesitate to contact Darinka Jezovšek Ivanuša on 041 553 711 or via email on